Registration Certificate with the Scottish Tartan Authority

The registration certificate that verifies the tartan has been registered with the official entity in Scotland is shown here. The thread count is clearly displayed on the certificate. Thread count is peculiar to every tartan and identifies a tartan from all others. It has been said that an experienced Scottish weaver did not have to see the colors of a tartan he could identify it by simply counting the number of threads in the sett.  

For example, shown below is the official thread count of the West Virginia State Tartan and it’s comparison with the “West Virginia folk shawl’ thread count.

 West Virginia Thread Count: Sett Thread Count, Pivots Full: Dark Yellow 4, Forest Green 4, Muted Blue 8, Forest Green 4, Azure 6, Scarlet 24, White 2, Black 6, Scarlet 24, Forest Green 8, Scarlet 8, Muted Blue 8, Forest Green 4, Dark Yellow 4 and reverses.   

 West Virginia folk shawl c.1840 Thread Count: Sett Thread Count, Pivots Full: Yellow 4, Green 4, Blue 8, Red 8, Azure 8, Green 4, Red 8, Green 4, Yellow 4  and reverses.   

The terminology in the House Resolution  “ADAPTATION OF THE WEST VIRGINIA SHAWL” is just that. The  “FOLK SHAWL” has its own distinct thread count which identifies it from all others as does the state tartan. Neither “STATE” OR “SHAWL” are the same as each has it’s own distinctive thread count as described above.